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What exactly is an orthosis?

The orthosis is a powerful orthopedic ally, capable of providing a wide range of vital functions.

Supporting, offloading, immobilizing, guiding, correcting posture, and/or positioning-these are its powerful actions that can transform lives.

Used to solve functional disorders of the locomotor apparatus, orthoses are distinguished by their extraordinary versatility.

Foot orthoses for the toes, for the foot, for the lower limb (leg), for the upper limb (arm), for the trunk, for the neck, for sitting (coque): a world of solutions tailored to every need.

Bandages, an integral part of the orthotic concept, adapt to individual needs, giving personalized comfort and support.

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Lower limb orthoses:

➡️Foot orthotics👆🏼

Corrective foot orthoses are medical devices designed to treat common conditions such as flat foot, hollow foot, excessive pronation and supination, and hallux valgus. Custom-made, they support the foot structure and improve body alignment, reducing pain and improving lower limb function.

➡️Tibial Orthoses👆🏼

The orthosis provides support and stabilization to the compromised joint or muscle group. It is usually a membrane worn over the affected body part with stabilizing components of various stiffnesses. It helps support and stabilize the area of the body that needs it, often during rehabilitation to facilitate joint movement damaged by injuries such as sprains or dislocations. It is also useful for supporting knees weakened by ligament hyperlaxity or patellar instability.

➡️Knee orthosis👆🏼

Knee braces and knee joint supports are special devices designed to provide protection, support, and comfort to those suffering from joint mobility/stability problems. These tools ensure that the knees are optimally supported and stabilized, thus helping to reduce pain and improve mobility.

➡️Femur orthosis👆🏼

Femoral orthoses are orthopedic devices designed to provide support and stabilization to the femoral bone. They are primarily used to treat injuries, diseases, or conditions involving the femur, such as fractures, osteoarthritis, or congenital deformities. These orthoses help improve mobility, reduce pain, and promote healing of the affected area.

➡️Hip Orthosis👆🏼

Hip orthoses are orthopedic devices designed to provide support and stabilization to the hip joint. They serve to improve mobility, reduce pain, and prevent or manage conditions such as hip osteoarthritis, fractures, or muscle injuries.

Trunk and head orthoses:

➡️Trunk Orthosis👆🏼

Trunk orthoses are orthopedic devices designed to provide support and stabilization to the midbody, including the spine and lumbar region. They serve to improve posture, reduce back pain, and provide support during recovery from injury or surgery.

➡️Head orthosis👆🏼

Head orthoses are orthopedic devices designed to provide support and stabilization to the head and neck. They are used to treat a wide range of conditions, including cervical injuries, degenerative diseases of the cervical spine, and sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea. Head orthoses can also be used to prevent additional damage after head injury or surgery.

Upper limb orthoses:

➡️Shoulder and Arm Orthoses👆🏼

Shoulder and arm orthoses are orthopedic devices designed to provide support and stabilization to the shoulder joint and surrounding structures, such as the arm and forearm. They are used to treat a variety of conditions, including rotator cuff injuries, shoulder instability, dislocations, and fractures. Orthoses help reduce pain, improve mobility, and facilitate recovery after surgery or injury.

➡️Hand and Finger Orthoses👆🏼

Hand and finger orthoses are orthopedic devices that provide support, stability and correction to these body parts, which are often in motion. They treat various conditions such as arthritis, tendon injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome, improving function, reducing pain and preventing worsening of conditions. They are used for both therapy and prevention.


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