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Lower limb orthosis

Explore Our Wide Range of Lower Limb Orthoses: Ready-made or Custom Solutions

Explore our range of lower limb orthoses. We find the best solution whether it is among commercially available orthoses or we custom create it for you

In the next sections, we will explore a wide range of orthoses designed to address a variety of podiatric issues. From support to total relief in cases of fractures to pressure reduction on specific areas, we will guide you through the options available to meet your individual needs. Can’t find your ideal solution? We’ll create it for you!

Tibia Orthosis

Orthosis of:

👆🏼premi per espandere


With walking bracket

Used for injuries or fractures to the foot or tibia end that require temporary total unloading but still allow ankle mobility.


Applied in cases of club foot, adducted foot, equinovarus foot and calcaneal foot.
The foot is fixed in the correct position.
After doctor`s indication, the shape and length of theorthesis is decided


Recommended for light patients or children, addresses various conditions such as knee and foot muscle failure, as well as immobilization. Made to correct clubfoot, valgus, varus, and flaccid paralysis.

Guides the foot into the correct position, providing comfort with padding and potential shoe modifications.


Useful for fractures of the tibia or calcaneus allowing mobility of the knee and foot without hindering healing. The hindfoot is discharged via support to the patellar ligament and the socket under the calcaneus.

Tibia and foot are fixed in a single shell, with light contact with the capitals of the forefoot during walking.

Knee orthosis

➡️With Polycentric Articulation👆🏼

Applied in cases of anterior and posterior cruciate ligament insufficiency, collateral ligament insufficiency and as protection during resumption of work following surgery.
✔️Essa stabilizes and leads the knee joint naturally.

➡️With Mococentric Articulation👆🏼

Indicated in cases of severe knee instability, even after surgery.
✔️Essa guides and supports the knee by means of light alloy leggings. Due to the special construction of the frame, it is also possible to adapt the orthosis in case of pathological leg position.


Used in cases of knee joint instability and after ligament surgeries aimed at eliminating chronic joint instability.
✔️Essa consists of very lightweight and stable construction elements incorporated into a customized frame, which allow safe guidance of the unstable joint.

Femur Orthosis

➡️dynamics of knee extension👆🏼

Lightweight polypropylene orthosis with foot – tibia / femur fixation. By means of two aluminum splints, the knee can be gradually extended.
The mechanism can be operated by the patient himself if desired.

➡️Femoral Orthosis👆🏼

These orthoses are applied in cases of:

  • Slight and incomplete paralysis or weakness of a muscle, group of muscles or extremity (techn. paresis);
  • Partial insufficiency of leg muscles;
  • Insufficiency of leg muscles (techn. poliomyelitis);
  • Immobilization of joints in cases of arthrosis.

A variety of materials and structures are available to find the ideal solution for each patient.

✔️Esse support and lead the ligament and muscular apparatus of the leg.

➡️Bracket or Split👆🏼

Applied in cases of:

  • Growth disorders of the hip joint (techn. Perthes disease) or other hip diseases that require total unloading of the leg;
  • Fractures of the femur or upper tibia.

✔️Mediante a support to the ischial bone the leg is totally unloaded from the weight of the body.

➡️of hip unloading👆🏼

Useful in cases of growth disorders of the hip joint (techn. Perthes’ disease).
It makes support to the ischial bone possible; the leg is moved outward and simultaneously turned inward.

Hip Orthosis


Applied in cases of:

  • Neuromuscular diseases of the hip
  • Dysplasia of the hip – Dislocation of the hip joint

✔️Viene improved body posture in sitting, standing and during walking, and further physical damage is prevented.



✔️Utilizzata in cases of hip dysplasia and hip luxation. Due to the special arrangement of the suspenders, the hip is moved outward about 60 degrees and at the same time flexed 90-110 degrees; the orthosis allows for some mobility.


✔️Applicata in cases of hip dysplasia. It allows and maintains optimal hip position.

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