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Auxiliary Means: aids to life

What are auxiliary means?

Auxiliary means are products to support a function. In this category are packaged products, which are very simple compared with prostheses and orthoses: indoor and outdoor walkers, crutches. There is a sufficiently wide choice of these products.

Walking aids


Crutches and cane are mobility aids that support walking, but they differ significantly. Crutches are preferred for bilateral injuries such as fractures, while the cane is more common for a single limb or the elderly. Crutches offer more extensive support and require more coordination than the cane. There are several variants of crutches, including crutches with anatomical handles, for the elderly, and with submaxillary support, while the folding cane is an alternative option.


The walker is a more stable device and offers more support, and is often preferred by people who are elderly or have more severe walking difficulties. The walker can be equipped with wheels and can be pushed forward, reducing the effort required for the user compared to crutches. In addition, the walker provides increased safety and stability, especially for those who have unstable walking or have difficulty supporting their body weight

Serves for ambulation in the absence of:

  • Balance
  • Stability
  • Muscle strength

A rollator is a mobility assistance device designed to help people with walking difficulties walk more safely and comfortably. It consists of a metal frame with four wheels, often adjustable in height to fit the user’s needs. In addition, many models are equipped with a seat and basket to allow the user to rest while walking and carry personal items. Use can increase the independence and safety of people with mobility problems, enabling them to maintain a level of physical activity and social participation.

⁉️Did you know that…⁉️

A study conducted in the United States reports that 11.6 percent of people over 65 use a walker/roller for walking, adding that between 2005 and 2015 the use of this aid increased by 50 percent).

Ausili per il bagno


To have the pleasure of taking a bath or shower safely, there are various simple and effective aids that require no special installation.
Here are some examples we have in stock


These types of aids are used if there is limited mobility and, or if there is an operation that reduces hip flexion.



We stock a wide range of pillows, for all kinds of eventualities:

  • neck pillow
  • leg spreader
  • vein pillows
  • cushions for correct sitting posture
  • pillows to facilitate breastfeeding
  • decubitus prevention pillows
  • decubitus care pillows

Through close cooperation with Roll-Star Orthorehab SA, we can provide both advice and product support.

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